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 Easy Breezy Clothing:

Easy Breezy Clothing is a fair trade natural fabric easy-to-wear ladies clothing line for women of all sizes.  It was founded by Diane Louise Roy, a singer, pianist and vocal coach who performed worldwide for 25 years and would frequent Thailand in between music engagements.

Diane now travels between Vancouver and Thailand, which allows her to ensure production excellence and that the manufacturing process meets the standard of fairness and integrity for families and staff involved in the process from start to finish.

The cotton plant grown in Thailand produces a very delicate spun material that is soft, strong and durable.  There are three weights of cotton fabric – a lightweight cotton  (“Salu” in Thai) and a medium-weight fiber (“Padip”), and a third process, which produces a cotton fabric sheeting called “Salu Double”.Thai cotton flower


The “Salu Double” is a cotton double-layered gauze that is as soft and light as lightweight cotton gauze and because it’s two layers,  it also insulates the body, making it the perfect fabric for year-round wearing.

cotton thread spools


Easy Breezy Clothing is a one-size clothing line fitting sizes 8 – 14, with an added plus size line for curvier body types fitting sizes 16 – 20.  All sizes are based on North American sizing.  Dyes are natural and all products are pre-shrunk and pre-fixed.

All  pieces have been prewashed and preshrunk.  No ironing is necessary. Cold wash,  hand dry, then store or pack by twisting and tying as shown in the video below.

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