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rayon leggings, cotton scarves and ponchos

Winter Cottons and Organic Rayon Knit Leggings

Winter cottons and Organic rayon knit leggings – woven cotton ponchos and double cotton gauze tunics are now in stock, creating the perfect additions to you wardrobe for cosy, comfy winter layering in vibrant, beautiful colors.  Denman Place Mall, 1030 Denman Street, Vancouver BC, Canada

crochet fashion of the 1600's

Crochet You’ve Come a Long Way

Crochet fashion started with the upper classes of the 1600’s in Europe. French and Belgium lace was all the rage. Then, in the early 1900’s, it was just considered the pastime of grandmotherly doily-makers. In the 60’s, macrame, a type of “crocheting without the knitting needles” became all the rage, decorating many a groovy pad […]


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